What measures do you take to ensure accuracy?

We calibrate our 7-place balances every six months with Mettler-Toledo. We take 8 total weighings (4 at min setting, 4 at max). We attach our balances to a laptop, equipped with specially-designed software, which precisely measures environmental conditions within the lab: temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. We replace the seals on your pipettes with every visit.

Where will you calibrate my pipettes?

We will calibrate them in an empty lab on your campus, picking them up from you and returning them when we are finished. If you would like us to calibrate them directly in your lab, we can do that as well; just let us know. We will need an open bench space of about five feet to setup.   

How do I pay for service?

You can pay with a PO number or credit card. Once we complete the service, we will email you an invoice. You may generate a PO based off of this invoice. If you need a PO number prior to service, please ask us to send you official quote ahead of time or you can go ahead and generate an approximate amount for the PO based on our standard pricing. Or you can pay by credit card through our online store. 

Do I need to stop all lab work for the day to calibrate?

No, we can setup directly in your lab, and swap pipettes in and out, as your lab members need them. We will work around you. 

If parts need replacement, how much do they cost?

We replace the seals on single-channel pipettes FOR FREE with every calibration. (Seals on multi-channels are not included.) On Gilson-style pipettes, we replace pistons, shafts, and plungers at FOR FREE if they need replacement. If the pipettes are Rainin, Eppendorf, or BioHit, we will charge whatever the manufacturer charges for those parts.

Do you do repairs?

Yes, most minor repairs are included FOR FREE in the cost of calibration. If it is a more advanced repair, we will contact you PRIOR to making the repair and let you know the cost. If you agree, only then will we proceed. On rare occasions, we may need to take the pipette back to our office to fix it, in which case you will have it back within 1-2 weeks.